“Everything that Karen does is to the benefit of the organization. Every time we talk about what we need to do behind the scenes to move things forward, everything is couched not in what works for her, but what works for the organization. Working with Karen has been three thumbs up. She’s been excellent in every way to work with and the substance she offers is so good. It’s a twofer: You have somebody that really knows what they’re talking about, has the history, is fun and professional and easy to work with, and then you have substance that relates to every organization. It’s the best of all worlds.”

Mark Riley, Director of Human Resources and Facilities at NACHRI


“Using Karen’s Virtual Distance framework gave me a set of tools and thought processes for my own professional development, for my own management of my team. I wasn’t getting that information from any other source, whether it was inside the company at a management training class or from reading other publications. You read things about virtual teams, but you get to the end of the short article, and you think, ‘Yeah, I know all that. I just need to know how to make it work better.’ ”

Cathy Laffan, Managing Director at a financial institution


“Thank you very much for your presentation to, and work with, our leadership team. It exceeded all expectations in terms of identifying issues pertinent to us at our age and stage of business development. Most particularly, though, I was impressed by the listening, assimilation and analytical skills that you brought to bear, incorporating so much of our relatively brief exchanges over a very short timeframe into both your presentation and your facilitation. You made both very “personal” to us. On behalf of our company I would like to thank you most sincerely, and on my own behalf most particularly, for shining light into what can be dark corners of our operations which, if not attended to, are of such corrosive effect. It was a great pleasure working with you.”

CMA Executive


“Virtual Distance does a great job of bridging the gap between those who are more attuned to the interpersonal side of a team and sense that there are unresolved issues in virtual teams, and those who are more analytical in nature who say, ‘prove it to me.’ I think that being able to put virtual distance into more concrete terms will help our project managers and leaders to be able to put this elephant in the room into the more numerical/data driven terms that upper management expects.”

AT&T senior executive


“Great presentation today at the WorkTech event. . . . I think the ‘people’ side of mobile or flex work is the greatest challenge. From my point of view, I would have loved to see you present for the entire afternoon session. Virtual distance goes a long way in identifying the challenges of managing a geographically diverse organization. Great concept!”

WorkTech VDI workshop participant

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. Your history of this space, and the lens of virtual distance, will be of great interest to the members. Your statistics about the impact of virtual distance on innovation were especially vivid.”

The Research Board VDI workshop participant


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