Virtual Distance International offers a variety of consulting services. Using rigorous consulting methods VDI works with clients to discover and discern specific barriers to success. From there we design and deploy solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. Our consulting services include:

  • Executive/Management Advisory Services – VDI provides expert support for leaders on how to maximize productivity and innovation in the virtual workforce. These services are customized to meet organizational needs.  Advisory Services are offered in one of two ways:  Unstructured or Structured
  • Unstructured – Unstructured sessions are best for situations where the dynamics of the organization are fluid.  In unstructured sessions leaders exchange information about pressing issues and then get immediate feedback and recommendations specific to their needs.
  • Structured – Leaders engage VDI in a set of 4 sessions tailored to the organization.  The sessions include:Session 1 – Overview of Virtual Distance and Strategic RoadmappingSession 2 – Virtual Distance Index and Risk Assessment for key groups

    Session 3 – Virtual Distance Mapping Solution Session for key groups

    Session 4 – Virtual Distance Review and Go-Forward Plan

  • Management Consulting Services – VDI provides custom management consulting engagements depending on the unique needs of the client. Consulting engagements range from assessment and key findings reports with recommendations to custom workshops, training and long-term virtual distance management solutions.
  • Customized Keynote Speaking Engagements – VDI will work with management to prepare custom talks for key leadership and meetings. For example, VDI has worked with organizations to discuss the potential impact of Virtual Distance on productivity, innovation, customer relationships and more for specific markets and customer segments.

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